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About us

We make a difference by recycling

For over 50 years Monteco Joint Stock Company has been committed to make a difference. Since we have started we have made our own way believing that a sustainable world is possible. Thanks to our waste management service we make it for real every day.

Monteco Joint Stock Company works daily on the road with plans that cover needs and demands of the whole area. We go into schools to teach children, who represent our future, how to separate waste and how to recycle it. We actively participate in organizing campaigns where we train and information and raising awareness of sustainability and of both domestic and non domestic waste management. In this way, we give the community occasions to meet each other and to be enriched with new, green approaches.


This is monteco,
a company in the service of the environment and of the land.
With us you do not only recycle: you make a difference.

Improve your area with Monteco Joint Stock Company

Monteco Joint Stock Company  improves together with the area where it works, not only thanks to its accurate waste management service, but mainly spreading culture and respect for the environment. With its daily work and with the many initiatives in which Monteco Joint Stock Company  is committed, the company communicates a strong, direct, and clear message aimed at raising an awareness of recycling and of environmental sustainability.

If Monteco Joint Stock Company  is your partner in managing waste, it means you have:

  • an expert with deep knowledge of the territory: we are settled in the province of Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto, and Bari;
  • an ever-present reference point, both offline and online;
  • a company that devotes its time and its resources to both internal information and to citizens;
  • a careful staff, really interested in taking care of the environment;
  • a daily efficient service, focused on preventing the emergency;
  • a safe treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste): our plant fits properly within the supply chain for municipal solid waste disposal.

From working both on the streets and in the plants to its environmental campaigns, every single Monteco Joint Stock Company 's activity has the purpose of providing services. However, its main ambition is to enrich the land and improve the quality of life.

Why choosing Monteco Joint Stock Company for the waste management

Our action plans are specifically designed for each reality in which we work. Everywhere we can:

  • provide assistance 24/7;
  • make recycling easier for everyone;
  • teach the importance of the waste separate collection and of recycling starting from children;
  • for 60 years we have been working on selection, treatment and recovery of 1.000 tons of waste per day.

The result is the satisfaction of both the people and the institutions
we work for monteco joint stock company
makes a clean job your with waste.


On Monteco Joint Stock Company's 'Identity Card' you can find all certifications needed for a company whose papers are in order.
Monteco Joint Stock Company, member of Fondazione Operate, is a certified company according to UNI EN ISO 45001 (Management System for Health and Safety at work), UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standards), UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and SA8000, (first Certifiable Ethical Standard).

Monteco Joint Stock Company is registered in the following categories in the National Register of Environmental Managers, held at the Ministry of the Environment, for companies operating in the waste sector (Ministerial Decree 406/98 and Legislative Decree 152/06):

  • Cat. 1/A Collection and transportation of municipal waste and such for municipalities over 500,000 inhabitants and in relation to the collection of waste from beaches and banks class: D, Mechanized sweeping class: A, Municipal collection centers class: A;
  • Cat. 2bis Initial producers of non-hazardous waste who carry out collection and transport operations of their own waste;
  • Cat. 4/A Collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste produced by third parties;
  • Cat. 5/C Collection and transportation of hazardous waste;
  • Cat. 9/D Site remediation;
  • Cat. 8/F Brokerage and trade of non-hazardous and / or hazardous waste without owning the waste;
  • Cat. 10/A Reclamation of assets containing asbestos carried out on the following materials: building materials containing asbestos.
Whistleblowing is the tool through which a legitimate person can report crimes and illicit acts. The purpose of this procedure is to implement and regulate a system for reporting any offenses and/or irregularities within the scope of the activities carried out by Monteco S.p.A. that harm the public interest or the integrity of the entity and to define the methods for managing reports. Monteco S.p.A. has provided as an internal channel that reports can be made in written form by sending to the address: Monteco S.p.A. Strada Prov.le Campi-Squinzano, Km 2 - 73012 Campi Salentina (LE). The report must be inserted in two closed envelopes, including, in the first, the reporting person's identification data, together with an identity document; in the second, the subject of the report; both envelopes must then be inserted into a third envelope with the words "confidential" for the reporting manager on the outside.
Strada Prov.le Campi - Squinzano, km 2
73012 - Campi Salentina (LE)